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Dylan Review was founded to provide a forum for rigorous intellectual exploration of Bob Dylan’s art. The journal publishes peer-reviewed critical articles, invited reviews and review essays, as well as opinion pieces, editorials, and a regular column. The editors’ founding premise is that Dylan is a singular American artist whose songs, performances, and other art have continued to challenge fundamental values and institutions for a half century…

Current issue

Vol. 3.2

Fall/Winter 2021-2022

Dylan Review 3.2 is now live. In this issue, you’ll find a wealth of reviews, including Evan Sennet’s experience seeing Bob Dylan live in November at Indiana University; Dave Junker’s thoughts on Christopher Rollason’s new book, Read Books, Repeat Quotations: The Literary Bob Dylan; Christine Hand Jones sorting through two albums of Dylan covers by Chrissie Hynde and Emma Swift; Nicholas Birns taking a look at Dylan’s latest bootleg release, Springtime in New York; Mark DeStephano appraising the edited collection, Bob Dylan and the Arts; Thomas Kitts thinking through Clinton Heylin’s The Double Life of Bob Dylan; Christopher Rollason putting Michael Gray’s Outtakes on Bob Dylan into context; and Nathan Schmidt’s explication of Dylan’s recent film, Shadow Kingdom. A Dylan illustration by Joe Whang paves the way for this issue’s Dylanista, which argues for critics to exercise more rigor in distinguishing between art and artist. Two Song Corner essays find Graley Herren exploring Dylan’s latest concert closer, “Every Grain of Sand,” and Christopher Star making connections between Dylan’s “I and I” and Shakespeare’s King Richard III. Finally, in Interviews, the Dylan Review discusses the future of Dylan studies with Laura Tenschert, as well as the joys and challenges of translation with Alessandro Carrera.

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