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Dylan Review was founded to provide a forum for rigorous intellectual exploration of Bob Dylan’s art. The journal publishes peer-reviewed critical articles, invited reviews and review essays, as well as opinion pieces, editorials, and a regular column. The editors’ founding premise is that Dylan is a singular American artist whose songs, performances, and other art have continued to challenge fundamental values and institutions for a half century…

Current issue

Vol. 2.2

Winter 2020

In the Reviews section of our Winter 2020 issue you’ll find Quentin Miller’s take on Spencer Leigh’s Bob Dylan: Outlaw Blues; Michael Hacker checking out the recent “Whiskey” episode of the Theme Time Radio Hour; Walter Raubicheck digging into Terry Gans’s archival excavations in Surviving in a Ruthless World; Tommy Shea detailing Baron Wormser’s Dylan-inspired novel, Songs from a Voice; and Matthew Lipson thinking about Dylan and gender in a review of Patrick Webster’s A Wanderer by Trade. This issue’s Dylanista column distinguishes Dylan’s Songs More or Less Forgotten from those Best Forgotten. And we even have our first ever poem, Thomas G. Palaima’s “Visions of Desolation.” Our Articles section contains John Radosta’s deep dive into Dylan and noir. In the Song Corner, Bob Keyes consults insiders and experts to answer all your questions about Dylan’s recent songbook sale. And finally, in our Interviews section, you’ll find a conversation about songcraft and performance with Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams.


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