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Dylan Review was founded to provide a forum for rigorous intellectual exploration of Bob Dylan’s art. The journal publishes peer-reviewed critical articles, invited reviews and review essays, as well as opinion pieces, editorials, and a regular column. The editors’ founding premise is that Dylan is a singular American artist whose songs, performances, and other art have continued to challenge fundamental values and institutions for a half century…

Current issue

Vol. 4.1

Spring/Summer 2022

Dylan Review 4.1 (Spring/Summer 2022) is now live! In this issue’s reviews, D. Quentin Miller contemplates the methods and findings of Graley Herren’s Dreams and Dialogues in Bob Dylan’sTime Out of Mind; Anne-Marie Mai surveys the edited collection Dylan at 80; Ronald D. Cohen explores The Dylan Tapes, a look behind the scenes of Anthony Scaduto’s iconic Dylan biography; Karl Gustel Warnburg assesses Sara Danius’s Swedish-language book, Om Bob Dylan; David R. Shumway thinks through Larry Starr’s reading of Dylan’s poetics in Listening to Bob Dylan; Barry J. Faulk evaluates Jon Stewart’s dual biography, Dylan, Lennon, Marx & God; and Rebecca Slaman journeys through Retrospectrum, Dylan’s sprawling art exhibit in Miami. The Dylanista takes the long view on Dylan’s canonicity, while Randy Turley shares his poem, “First Thoughts About the Bob Dylan Center.” Also, checking in from the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa, archivist Mitch Blank delivers behind the scenes impressions of the opening festivities with “Mitch’s Dispatch.” In articles, Bob Russell traces the intersections of Bob Dylan and bluegrass greats, the Stanley Brothers, and in the Song Corner, Walter Raubicheck situates “Jokerman” and its lyric variations within the arc of Dylan’s career. Interviews features Dylan researcher Scott Warmuth reflecting on the impact and reception of his own work over the past two decades, followed by a letter from Graley Herren updating his “Young Goodman Dylan” article (DR 2.1) with the help of the Archive.
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