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Dylan Review was founded to provide a forum for rigorous intellectual exploration of Bob Dylan’s art. The journal publishes peer-reviewed critical articles, invited reviews and review essays, as well as opinion pieces, editorials, and a regular column. The editors’ founding premise is that Dylan is a singular American artist whose songs, performances, and other art have continued to challenge fundamental values and institutions for a half century…

Current issue

Vol. 5.1, Spring/Summer 2023

Dylan Review 5.1 (Summer ’23) is now live, and it’s our biggest issue yet! In Reviews, Court Carney dissects Fragments, the latest in the Dylan bootleg series; Nathan Schmidt breaks down 21st-Century Dylan: Late and Timely, a collection of papers from a 2018 Dylan conference in France; Matthew King ventures to Greenwich Village to immerse himself in two recent books, Bob Dylan’s New York and Bob Dylan in the Big Apple; Evan Sennett takes on Whole World in Uproar and its account of the turbulent 1960s; and Harold Lepidus provides on-site coverage of the 2023 World of Bob Dylan symposium in Tulsa.


Our Dylanista looks to the future of Bob Dylan studies and sounds a clarion call for more young scholarly engagement, while a Dylan-themed poem from Justin Hamm unfolds from the title line, “If you say he’s serious.” In an interview, Happy Traum details collaborations and controversies over the course of his career with and without Bob Dylan. And finally, we received fifteen papers from the Tulsa conference in June, 2023 and collected them in a special World of Bob Dylan section. Contributors include Rebecca Slaman, Erin C. Callahan, Court Carney, Jim Salvucci, Graley Herren, Harrison Hewitt, Christine Hand Jones, Jeffrey S. Lamp, Stevan M. Weine, Christopher Mitchell, Jon Lasser, Owen Boynton, and Bernard Wills, along with Dylan Review editors Paul Haney and Raphael Falco. These papers cover a range of topics from Dylan fandom to Dylan’s humor, The Philosophy of Modern Song to Dylan and Dolly Parton, intertextuality to the poetics of Dylan’s songs. As a whole, they represent a breadth of conversations on the cutting edge of Bob Dylan studies.


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