Dylan Review was founded to provide a forum for rigorous intellectual exploration of Bob Dylan’s art. The journal publishes peer-reviewed critical articles, invited reviews and review essays, as well as opinion pieces, editorials, and a regular column.

The editors’ founding premise is that Dylan is a singular American artist whose songs, performances, and other art have continued to challenge fundamental values and institutions for a half century. Through our commitment to interdisciplinary discourse, Dylan Review opens conversations and hosts debates on all aspects of Bob Dylan’s body of work, encouraging scholars, authors, and listeners to participate. The Review contains multitudes, and you, our serious readers, are what validate our content.


Lisa O’Neill SandersFounder of the Dylan Review

Raphael Falco, Founding Editor

Paul Haney, Editor

Nicole Font, Digital Editor

Angus Gibson, Managing/Production Editor



Mitch Blank, New York City

Alessandro Carrera, University of Houston

Michael Gilmour, Providence University College (Canada)

Nina Goss, Fordham University

Timothy Hampton, University of California, Berkeley

Charles O. Hartman, Connecticut College

Graley Herren, Xavier University

Jonathan Hodgers, Trinity College, Dublin

Thomas G. Palaima, University of Texas

Robert Reginio, Alfred University

Christopher Rollason, Luxembourg

Laura Tenschert, London

Richard Thomas, Harvard University


Dylan Review publishes two issues per year, free of charge.

The suggested donation is $15 per issue to cover operational costs, though donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. All contributions may be tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law as advised by a tax professional. Funds in excess of operational costs will be used to sponsor activities such as workshops, invited lectures and exhibitions pertaining to Dylan’s art.

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